Home Cloud


What is Home Cloud?

Home Cloud is the software layer along with our processing unit for:

  1. storing
  2. protecting, and..
  3. fetching your data from the storage in your home.

Storing your important and personal data in your home has a significant advantage:

Nobody can access your data remotely without your consent. Not even the government.



The storage is simply a hard drive, so anything digital goes in it!

Thus, you can connect your USB external hard drive of your choice to our processor, and you will be Golden!

You can always expand your storing capacity, by changing the hard drive – Plug n’ Play!!

How does it work?!

Since your hard-drive is connected to the internet, you can access its content anywhere in the world.

Accessing the data – Upload n’ Download

ThunderClouding provides you with an Android App for uploading and downloading content to and from the hard-drive sitting in your home.

Also, you can log into your cloud from our website.

Security Is a Major Concern

Double Security Layers

Front-Line Defense

Protects your data from intruders so they remain unseen from their  digital vaults.

Our processing unit, filters out unwanted accesses if it identifies whether the access is an intrusion.

Internal Protection

Automatic encrypted backup to all of your data.

With our backup technology, you do not need to worry about losing a bit!

Everything At Your Home!

That’s right.

And that’s the beauty of it!

None of your data is stored anywhere outside of your home.

So nobody could view your digital life via a third party